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Welcome to JTL Carriers, LLC!


JTL has developed a management staff with many years of experience in transportation and proven experience responding to our dynamic, ever changing industry. We have provided an advantage over our competitors through our ability to respond to changes in market conditions and each customer’s customized service requirements.




JTL has also developed a seasoned driver staff with the multiple years of experience and a developing history of safety performance. Our drivers know the importance of serving the specific needs of each of our customers.


We have committed significant resources to an industry leading operating system offered by Innovative Computing (aka TMW). This software is used by many of the largest and most successful carriers in our industry. To support our operating system, we have equipped all of our service equipment with the Qualcomm satellite and communication systems.  For a company of our size, we have the technical and communication capacity that rivals any player in the industry.


We do business with blue chip, highly recognized companies that are spread across several diverse industries. These customers all speak highly of our quality service and ability to respond quickly to difficult unscripted needs.

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